Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) — Ethnic Conflict In Ethiopia, Episode three

Episode three 


People in this episode:

Yonas Deressa

Dr. Berhanu Nega

  • Founder of Ginbot 7
  • Former Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Party (EPRDP) member

Deacon Yoseph Tafari   

  • Ordained deacon serving under the Archdiocese of the exiled Ethiopian Orthodox Holy Synod
  • Chariman of the Ethiopian American Civic Council
 Guya Abaguya Deki
  • Representative of the Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition 

Dr. Paulos Milkias

  • Political Science Instructor at Concordia University
  • Ethinicity: Oromo 

Herman J. Cohen 

  • United States Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs 

Paul Henze

Daniel Berhane
  • Editor of Horn Affairs news site 
Dr. Edmond Keller
  • Professor at University of California, Los Angeles
  • Long-time commentator and observer of Ethiopian history and politics
U.S. Rep. Karen Bass
U.S. Rep. Thomas Garrett
U.S. Rep.Thomas Suozzi
Dr. Terrence Lyons
  • Associate professor at George Mason University
Meles Zenawi
  • Ethiopia's former prime minster

Goshu Wolde 

  • Foreign Minister of Ethiopia from 1983-1986 under the Derg
  • Former leader of the Ethiopian Medhin Democratic Party

Tewodrose Tirfe

  • Co-founder of the Amhara Association of America
Dr. Weldu Weldeyesus

  • Language instructor at the Community College of Denver
  • Ethnicity: Tigrayan  
Dr. Yohannes Gedamu 

  • Lecturer of Political Science at Georgia Gwinnett College
  • Born in Gonder in the Amhara region
Dr. Ezekiel Gebissa
  • Professor of History and African Studies at Kettering University
  • Ethnicity: Oromo 


Credits and sources:

Former prime minister Meles Zenawi interview with

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